A Home Like No Other

Imagine a completely different concept of living in Tallahassee. One where innovation, creativity and sustainability intersect. Where photovoltaic solar power helps minimize your carbon footprint, while native plants and gardens create a tiny oasis in the city. Welcome to the Freight Yard—a cyclist and pedestrian-friendly community built from upcycled shipping containers and other ultra-green materials.

Welcome to your future.

An Ecosystem for the Creative Class

With 32 apartments, a courtyard, five retail stores and restaurants, and room for pop up stores — all within a conveniently walkable distance to the city’s largest employers, an organic grocery store, and myriad restaurants and bars—the Freight Yard is more than just a mixed-use development; it's a place where Tallahassee’s creative class can live, work, and play in a fun and stimulating urban environment. The Freight Yard is not simply the sterile co-location of residential and commercial uses; it’s designed for these uses to relate to each other in a personal and positive way. In that sense the Freight Yard is designed to be beyond mixed use. Like a natural ecosystem, each part of the Freight Yard is made better by the interplay with its neighboring parts. Residents, patrons, restaurateurs, artists, merchants -- all will spend part of their week living in and around the Freight Yard’s courtyard, a small community that spontaneously grows from the unique architecture of the place.

Our Net Zero apartments offer comfortable living in a small footprint, at half the monthly rent you’d usually pay in the All Saints neighborhood. The Net Zero units should be available this spring, while a dozen larger apartments with full kitchens, walk-in closets, balconies, and the other luxury features are now available for lease. These luxury apartments let young professionals grow and entertain in Tallahassee’s trendiest neighborhood. A landscaped courtyard for dining, working on your laptop, or just hanging out with friends is onsite and seconds away. And just outside the Freight Yard are these landmarks and amenities for our residents:


Florida State University

4 minute walk


Florida A&M University

4 minute walk



Cascades Park

8 minute walk


State Offices

5 minute walk


Domi Station

1 minute walk


Railroad Square

3 minute walk